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Center-Invest Bank has approved its new strategy “The Post-Crisis Development of Southern Russia”

Center-Invest's Board of Directors has approved the bank's 2011-2015 Development Strategy “The Post-Crisis Development of Southern Russia”. The new strategy is designed to promote the continued sustainable development of Center-Invest Bank and the economy of southern Russia, as well as increased revenues, improved performance against key financial indicators, and greater efficiency on the part of the bank's business customers. It is based on a model for modernisation that uses international best practice and an increased ability to compete in the global economy.

Center-Invest Bank successfully implemented its “South of Russia+” strategy, approved in 2006, and the “Southern Russia Versus the Global Crisis” programme. As well as social and environmental responsibility, sustainable banking requires Center-Invest Bank to focus not on instantaneous, speculative profit, but instead on promoting the long-term development of southern Russia. To achieve this goal, we are helping our customers introduce international best practice, applying technical, financial and social engineering techniques as appropriate.

        During the crisis, businesses in southern Russia endeavoured to retain their market shares without inflating their prices, and, despite the crisis conditions, SMEs in the region were determined to complete their equipment and technology modernisation projects. The way in which the people of southern Russia survived the crisis is commendable. Whatever the developments on global markets, southern Russia will continue to develop sustainably, using the advantages conferred by its climate, geographical location, diversified economy, and the local population's tradition of enterprise. Furthermore, the decision to hold the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia winning the FIFA 2018 World Cup bid, and projects to develop resorts and recreational facilities in the North Caucasus provide southern Russia with additional advantages.

 Throughout its branch network, Center-Invest Bank will build on its track record of successfully financing energy efficiency, SME development, and agribusiness projects, and also of financing and implementing social programmes designed to raise the standard of living in southern Russia, including projects based on public-private partnerships.

We will continue developing remote banking services for our customers. We will expand the sphere of application and the range of services based on plastic cards and chip technologies, and we will further develop our Internet banking services and the services provided by our “Bank Client” system.

Our new strategy is supported by all of our shareholders: EBRD, DEG, ERSTE bank, Raiffeisen LB (Oö), and experts from leading global financial institutions.

Center-Invest Bank would like to take this opportunity to wish all our partners and customers a very happy and successful New Year!


Center-Invest Bank's 2011-2015 Development Strategy “The Post-Crisis Development of Southern Russia”

RUR, billions

Key Indicators (IFRS)   01.01.11 01.01.12 01.01.13   01.01.14 01.01.15
Forecast Plan
Capital 5.6 6.2 7.1 8.2 9.6
Assets 45.9 49.0 55.3 62.1 70.2
Loans and leases 29.1 35.7 41.8 48.2 55.9
Deposits 31.6 35.4 39.0 42.7 46.4
Profits 0.20 0.67 0.87 1.24 1.60