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Center-Invest Bank and Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG (RLBOOE) have agreed a road map for a partnership to promote modernisation.

Center-Invest Bank President, Dr. Vasily Vysokov, met for talks with Dr. Ludwig Scharinger, the CEO of Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG (RLBOOE) in the Upper Austrian city of Linz. Dr. Scharinger was accompanied by a number of his colleagues. One of the main issues discussed by the parties was how to further build on their experience of cooperation.

The revitalised cooperation programme envisages the further development of traditional banking services already offered by the two partners: payments, documentary business and trade finance, as well as a greater number of partnerships between the customers of the two banks to modernise the economy of southern Russia. To this end, the presidents of the banks agreed organisational mechanisms and technologies to support international cooperation between their respective customers.

Southern Russia is of interest to our Austrian partners as a rapidly developing region with a diversified economy and a dynamic SME sector. Companies in Russia are actively looking for new ways in which to make their operations more effective. Avenues they are interested in include: using new technologies and equipment, improving the quality of goods and services, improving the level of processing of agricultural products, and developing the machine building and tourism sectors.

As both Upper Austria and the Rostov region are industrial areas, the bankers decided to examine the possibility of building an industrial park in Rostov with equipment supplied by Austria and products produced by Austrian companies.

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