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Center-invest Bank is the innovative bank of southern Russia.

Center-invest Bank is the only bank in the Rostov region to be a member of the Council of IT System Designers, which was set up by the Rostov Region’s Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications in November 2012. Specialists from Center-invest Bank have already attended the Council’s first meeting.

At this first meeting, the Council discussed the following: the creation of a “Rostov Region IT brand” publicising and developing the IT sector as a whole; and promoting the products and innovations of the Rostov region’s IT and telecommunications companies on domestic and international markets.

The Council of IT System Designers has announced a competition to create a logo for the Rostov Region IT brand. This logo will be used to identify innovative IT products in the Rostov region. As explained by the region’s minister for information technologies and communications, German Lopatkin, it is intended that the IT brand will help publicise the IT sector and promote the Rostov region’s IT products on Russian and international markets.

Center-invest Bank follows best international practice, offering its customers the latest banking technologies and sharing these innovations and its experience with its partners and government bodies.

Under an agreement with the Federal Tax Service, Center-invest Bank’s retail customers can pay their taxes online using the bank’s online banking system, “Internet-Bank”. There is no charge to customers for tax payments made using this service.

Together with the Federal Treasury Department for the Rostov Region, Center-invest Bank has streamlined the process by which publicly funded organisations receive money from the government. Thanks to electronic document exchange between the Treasury and the bank, publicly funded organisations no longer need to use cheque books and paper-based applications to receive funds. Instead, they are issued with special corporate bank cards, which they can use in the bank’s ATMs or at one of its 140 branches in southern Russia.

In 2007, Center-invest Bank began using software produced by the German company SAP. In 2012, SAP invited the bank to become a partner for its project to localise the new version of SAP for Banking for the Russian market.

Thanks to Center-invest Bank’s modern technologies, incorporating international best practice, our customers enjoy high-quality banking services and can manage their accounts safely and easily.

Center-invest Bank has also introduced payment terminals for the convenience of its customers. Customers can use these terminals to pay for various services, pay money into their accounts, and make loan repayments. In many of the bank’s branches, more loan repayments are being made via terminals than via cashiers.

Customers can use the Internet-Bank service to check their account balance and transactions, transfer money between card accounts, create their own virtual cards to make secure online payments, schedule payments and transfers, top up their mobile phone balances, and also pay utility and other bills.

Center-invest Bank has always stood out for its innovative approach to doing business, an approach that includes social responsibility and the application of best international practice and modern banking technologies to promote southern Russia’s economic development.