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Center-invest Bank’s sustainable growth

Center-invest Bank has announced its results for 2012. The bank’s sustainable banking business model ensured its profitability, balanced growth and effective risk management. By providing affordable financial products for retail and business customers, and helping companies to modernise, the regional bank has retained its market positions in the Russian banking sector year on year. In 2012 Center-invest Bank won the banking services category of the 100 Best Goods of Russia competition.

The Bank’s net assets at the end of 2012, concentrated in the real economy: RUB62.6bn.

Loan and leasing portfolio, up 14% in 2012: RUB48.4bn

Net profits for 2012, up 21% on 2011: RUB1.1bn

Total loans to Center-invest Bank customers in 2012: 35 687 loans, RUB92.2bn. Growth in the loan portfolio was in no small part due to increased lending for SME modernisation projects, enabling our customers to achieve annual business growth of 30-40%.

Loans to entrepreneurs and SMEs in 2012: 5 286 loans, RUB62.6bn. In the Rostov region, Center-invest Bank accounts for one quarter of all long-term loans for SME investment projects.

130 new entrepreneurs received finance totalling RUB160m under Center-invest Bank’s “Start up” programme. In 2012, experts from the Bank held 53 free-of-charge seminars, which were attended by more than 500 people.

78 businesswomen received a total of RUB61m in business development loans made on preferential terms.

Loans to retail customers in southern Russia in 2012: 30 041 loans, RUB12.8bn

Retail deposits: RUB32.2bn

219,168: number of people with Center-invest bank cards

Capital of the Education and Science in the Southern Federal District Endowment Fund: RUB68.5bn. The fund’s capital was increased by RUB30m in September 2012.

Established twenty years ago by southern Russia’s first privatised enterprises, Center-invest Bank has become known as a “reform laboratory” in the region. It is southern Russia’s leading bank, and the only bank in southern Russia to have a Ba3 rating from Moody’s. This rating was affirmed twice in 2012.