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Center-invest Bank is southern Russia’s most reliable regional bank.

Center-invest Bank ranks 36th in the annual rating of the most reliable banks in Russia published by Forbes business magazine (No. 3 dated 21.03.2013). Classed as “highly reliable”, Center-invest Bank is the only bank in southern Russia to be listed in the top forty most reliable banks.

The rating’s compilers ranked the 100 largest Russian banks by assets (using data provided by Interfax-CEA as at 01.01.2013) and by whether they had long-term international ratings from the three leading global agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch.

Center-invest Bank is the only bank in southern Russia to have a Ba3 global scale rating from Moody’s. This rating was affirmed twice in 2012. For the seventeenth year in a row, the bank is reporting its results under IFRS. Our financial statements are audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers Audit.

Center-invest Bank has always stood out for its innovative approach to business, with strategies that incorporate social responsibility and the application of best international practice and modern banking technologies to promote southern Russia’s economic development.

In 2012, Center-invest Bank’s services were recognised as among the best in Russia when it won the banking services category of the nationwide competition “The 100 Best Goods of Russia”. The bank was awarded a prestigious gold quality mark for excellence.

In accordance with its mission statement, Center-invest Bank is committed to providing southern Russia’s population and businesses with a range of banking services on the basis of international standards and modern banking technologies. To this end, Center-invest Bank continually introduces and develops products and services for retail customers, SMEs and the agribusiness sector. It also finances energy efficiency projects.

Center-invest Bank’s business model is based on the introduction and adaptation of best international practice in the interests of the local population and business community in southern Russia. As well as promoting social and environmental responsibility, this business model seeks to deliver long-term profitability in the interests of present and future generations.

Center-invest Bank is a market leader in energy efficiency lending and SME lending, including lending to the agricultural sector. The bank also runs educational programmes for the local population, businesses, students and schoolchildren, which are an important component of its sustainable banking business model.