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Center-invest Bank is a leader for international payments

Center-invest Bank has won two prestigious banking awards: the Citibank STP Award 2012 for the excellent quality of its international payments in US dollars, and a Relationship Award 2012 from Commerzbank for the high quality of its international payments in euros.

Center-invest Bank has once again been one of the best performing Russian financial lending institutions in terms of the quality of payment processing: more than 98% of the bank’s commercial payments do not require manual processing. Therefore, almost all of the payments made by Center-invest Bank to Citibank and Commerzbank are processed automatically, within one minute.

This is the second time that Center-invest Bank has won a Citibank STP Award, demonstrating the consistently high quality of the bank’s international payments services.

Both awards are evidence of the bank’s professionalism and its compliance with high international standards in this sphere.

“The quality of international payment processing affects the speed of payments and the cost to our customers,” said Alexander Kovalenko, head of Center-invest Bank’s Treasury and Financial Markets Department. “Center-invest Bank works to the highest international standards and we are very pleased that the professionalism of our staff has been recognised by our partners and world leaders in international payments, Citibank (USA) and Commerzbank (Germany). The transaction business is just one part of effective collaboration; our performance in this area promotes active cooperation with our partners with respect to the whole line of banking products.”

Center-invest Bank offers its customers a full range of international payment services, and our direct correspondent accounts with leading international banks guarantee our customers reliable, secure and rapid settlements. Transactions through correspondent accounts in 2012 totalled USD16.2bn and EUR358m.