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New Boost for Youth Business in the Rostov Region

Center-invest Bank co-organised Russia’s first “Start-Up Week” for new entrepreneurs. The bank held a number of events to develop financial literacy and entrepreneurial potential in southern Russia.

From 14 to 18 April, the participating venues held a whole range of public business-related events. The events were designed to promote entrepreneurship and focused on measures to support and develop businesses in the early stages.

The first event to be held at Center-invest Bank was a public lecture for students from universities in southern Russia and new entrepreneurs. The lecture on “Start-Ups Versus Stagnation” was delivered by Dr Vasily Vysokov, chairman of Center-invest Bank’s Board of Directors. Dr Vysokov shared with his audience the secrets of a successful business and formulas for business efficiency.

On 15 April the Southern Federal University in Taganrog hosted a presentation of the Rostov region’s best start-up projects. As part of this event, Dr Vysokov gave a masterclass on “Innovative Communication Technology for Start-Ups in Southern Russia”.

The official opening of a new Financial Literacy Centre was held on Wednesday 16 April. This is a joint socio-educational project between the bank and Southern Federal University. The centre will enable members of the general public to learn about the modern financial world, the potential risks and gains, and to acquire the skills to make financial decisions. This will help prevent them from making mistakes when borrowing money and engaging in other financial transactions.

On 17 April mentors and new entrepreneurs gathered for a business breakfast at Center-invest Bank. The attendees shared their experience of being in contact and working with recent graduates. They also discussed existing mentoring programmes and their future development, and assessed the advantages and risks in development of the competitive environment. Continuing the theme, a round table on developing and supporting new entrepreneurs was held at the bank’s branch in Shakhty.

The final event of the week was a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Youth Business Russia programme in the Rostov region, during which the results achieved by the programme in the last two years were reviewed. Center-invest Bank lent 54 new entrepreneurs a total of RUB15m.

Center-invest Bank’s socio-educational projects encompass all the participants in education and academia: teachers, students, schoolchildren and recent graduates. The bank’s socio-educational projects were commended at this year’s National Awards for Russia’s Best Social Projects.