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Center-invest Bank announces RUB 274 million dividend payout

The Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank has recommended that its shareholders agree at the AGM on 3 June 2014 to pay RUB274m in dividends for 2013, equivalent to 20% of the bank’s annual profits. This is 20% on preference shares and 33% on ordinary shares.

The bank’s net profits in 2013 were RUB1.41bn, up 27% on 2012. Net assets increased by 21.2% to RUB76bn, and capital increased by 15.3% to RUB8.8bn. Almost 90% of the bank’s revenues came from lending to the real sector.

The loan and lease portfolio demonstrated a good rate of growth (+27.1%) and stood at RUB61.5bn at FYE 2013. Deposits increased by 12% in 2013 to RUB49.4bn. This creates a good basis for sustainable lending.

Lending to retail customers and entrepreneurs in southern Russia is continually growing, both the number of loans and the amount lent. This is thanks to the bank’s low loan interest rates, special loan programmes, and use of the latest banking and IT technologies. In the current year, Center-invest Bank’s loan portfolio has already reached RUB70bn.

To promote enterprise in southern Russia, Center-invest Bank runs special programmes to support new entrepreneurs: “Start-Up”, “Youth Business Russia”, and “Loans for Businesswomen”. More than 250 entrepreneurs have started up their own companies having received a total of RUB300m in loans from Center-invest Bank, as well as advisory support and assistance from experienced mentors. Center-invest Bank’s preferential loan terms have enabled 150 business ladies to take their businesses to a new level.

The Board of Directors noted the high level of competency of Center-invest Bank’s staff, including their in-depth theoretical knowledge which allows them to implement sustainable solutions to the challenges of the day.

Our application of best international practice and the latest banking technologies, together with our knowledge of the regional economy and our customers’ potential, have enabled us to implement a sustainable banking business model. Thanks to this, Center-invest Bank retains its market positions in the Russian banking sector year on year and we have become the best bank in Eastern Europe for sustainable development.

Center-invest Bank is the only bank in southern Russia to have a global scale Ba3 rating from Moody’s. We rank 35th in the Forbes rating of Russia’s most reliable banks.