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Center-invest Bank’s brand value

Center-invest Bank ranks among the TOP 50 banking brands in Russia. The rating was produced by Brand Finance together with BrandLab and, and it is the first of its kind for the Russian market.

Center-invest Bank, southern Russia’s largest regional bank, has been ranked in 48th place. Experts have valued its brand at USD17 million.

“The brand valuation is based on a business's financial indicators. If a company strengthens its brand reputation, improves service, introduces new products, and cares about its customers, it can increase its brand value even in a stagnating market,” said Grigory Zhukov, Chairman of the Executive Board of Center-invest Bank. “We are grateful to our customers for their trust in us. We will continue to bring out new unique offerings that will be advantageous and beneficial for the local population and businesses in southern Russia.”

The 200 Russian banks with the largest capitalisation were selected for the study and appraised. (The more successful a business is, the more likely it is to have a strong brand.) Using the data obtained, the top 50 credit institutions were identified and ranked by their brand value. Brand Finance uses an income approach that applies a “royalty relief methodology” to value brands. This approach assumes that when a company does not own any trademarks it will have to license them from a third party. Therefore, brand ownership frees a company from having to pay royalties for using someone else's trademarks.

The complete rating (in Russian) can be found at: