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Reliability of Center-invest Bank Confirmed by Central Bank Authorisations

On 17 November 2014 the Bank of Russia published its latest list of credit institutions that are authorised to guarantee Bank of Russia loans. Center-invest Bank is among the 75 banks on the list.

The list complies with Bank of Russia Regulations No. 312-P dated 12.11.2007 “Bank of Russia Provision to Credit Institutions of Loans Secured by Assets or Guarantees”. Under these regulations, the Bank of Russia can accept guarantees from Center-invest Bank for Bank of Russia loans to other credit institutions. This indicates that Center-invest Bank enjoys the full trust of the central bank.

At 01.10.2014 Center-invest Bank had capital of RUB9.8bn (calculated under Russian Accounting Standards). In the first three quarters of 2014, the bank’s assets increased by 8% to RUB81.587bn, and its loan portfolio by 10.5% to RUB73.190bn. Net profit at the end of Q3 was RUB986.5m.

In October 2014, Center-invest Bank was included in the Bank of Russia’s list of credit institutions that are permitted to provide and service bank accounts for strategically important companies.

We are also one of the Russian credit institutions with which other organisations may deposit pension savings and savings for housing provision for military personnel, including ruble deposits.

Center-invest Bank is listed in the Federal Customs Service’s register of banks, other credit institutions and insurance organisations that are authorised to issue bank guarantees for the payment of customs duties and taxes.

The Bank of Russia included Center-invest Bank’s series BO-10 bonds in the list of securities that can be accepted as guarantees for Bank of Russia loans and REPO transactions with the Bank of Russia. Five issues of Center-invest Bank bonds, with a total par value of RUB9bn, are currently trading.

Center-invest Bank provides payment and cash services for the Rostov and Volgograd regions and Krasnodar Krai, as a strategic partner of the Russian Federal Treasury.

Center-invest Bank is one of the 100 largest banks in Russia. We have had a Ba3 global rating from Moody’s, outlook stable, for eight years now. This rating was upheld in September 2014.