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Center-invest Bank Increases Lending

In the first half of December 2014 Center-invest Bank issued RUB5.5bn in new loans to business and retail customers in southern Russia. The stable growth in lending by Center-invest Bank can be attributed to record low interest rates and the bank’s long-term sustainable development strategy, comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, and advice for customers.

“Our personal approach to selecting suitable loan products is what sets us apart,” says Sergei Smirnov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board. “It is arguably only at Center-invest Bank that you will find the lowest loan interest rates, the best customer service, and such commitment to helping customers.”

Ahead of the New Year, Center-invest Bank has again broken its own records:

  • The bank’s loan portfolio has reached RUB76bn.
  • The number of new accounts opened at Center-invest Bank has doubled.
  • The number of loan applications has increased 2.5-fold.

Trusted by the government. Center-invest Bank is in the list of banks trusted to service the accounts of strategically important companies and pension and government budget funds. Both the Bank of Russia and the Federal Customs Service accept guarantees from Center-invest Bank, and we provide cash services to the Federal Treasury in Krasnodar Krai and the Volgograd region.

Trusted by the market. Just this month, Center-invest Bank received RUB400m as the second tranche of an EBRD loan to finance small business. We also placed on the market bonds with a total par value of RUB500m and signed new agreements with foreign partners for a total of EUR10m.

We are the only bank in southern Russia to have a Ba3 global rating from Moody’s, outlook stable.