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Chairman of Center-invest Bank’s Board of Directors Becomes Public Advisor to Head of Rostov Administration

Dr Vasily Vysokov, chairman of Center-invest Bank’s Board of Directors, has taken up post as a public advisor to the head of the Rostov Administration, Sergei Gorban. Dr Vysokov will be advising Mr Gorban on key aspects of the socio-economic, civic and political life of Rostov-on-Don. He will also help the head of the administration to identify effective policy solutions and assist with their implementation.

Mr Gorban initiated the creation of a body of public advisors to enable the local government to draw on the professional experience of these skilled experts. Twenty-five renowned and influential individuals from Rostov-on-Don have been appointed as public advisors to the Rostov Administration (including university rectors, business people, cultural figures, and bankers). Their first meeting was held on 3rd February.

Dr Vysokov chairs the Commission for Economic Development, Enterprise and Innovation of the Rostov Region Public Chamber. He is chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Endowment Fund for Education and Science in the Southern Federal District, a member of the Rostov Region’s Council for Enterprise, a member of the European Economic Association, and chairman of the Rostov sub-committee of the Southern Committee of the Association of European Business.

Dr Vysokov has written more than 255 academic papers and texts on the challenges of the transition economy, privatisation, and the post privatisation period, and on corporate procedures, the securities market, and small business. Many of his publications are used as textbooks for the new generation of entrepreneurs.