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Center-invest Bank in Top 15 for SME Lending

The Expert RA ratings agency has published the findings of its study of the Russian SME lending market in 2014. Center-invest Bank ranks 15th in its rating of Russia’s top banks by size of SME loan portfolio. The study encompassed more than 80 banks.

At the end of 2014 Center-invest Bank’s SME loan portfolio stood at RUB30.35bn (+10.6%). Despite negative growth in SME lending in Russia as a whole, Center-invest Bank increased its SME loan portfolio by 10.6%.

Since the start of 2015 Center-invest Bank’s total loan portfolio has increased by RUB2.2bn (+3%). The stable growth in lending by Center-invest Bank can be attributed to its record low interest rates and its long-term sustainable development strategy, comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, and advice for customers.

Center-invest Bank continues to provide finance on preferential terms under its Start-Up, Youth Business Russia, and Business Loans for Women programmes. New entrepreneurs have received 334 loans for a total of RUB465m. Businesswomen have received 187 loans for a total of RUB230m.