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Eco Advertising Competition Launched

Together with the company Clean City, Center-invest Bank is providing organisational support for the “Let’s Clean Up the City” social advertising competition launched on 13 April. The competition is an initiative of the Environmental Protection Committee of the Rostov-on-Don City Administration.

Eco advertising is an important means of making people more environmentally aware. The competition organisers say that the idea of environmental protection must become embedded in the public consciousness and that environmental problems must be brought to the attention of as many people as possible, both potential and actual consumers. Environmental consciousness should become entirely natural; it should be a way of life.

The competition is open to all Rostov-on-Don residents, including students studying relevant subjects at vocational and higher education institutions and pupils attending art schools, art studios, creative centres and other institutions providing extracurricular activities.

Entries taking the form of photographic and graphic design images are invited for the following themes:

  • Clean Future (focusing on cleaning up the city and keeping it clean and tidy, separate collection of waste, recycling);

  • Green City (focusing on landscaping and introducing more greenery in the city, protecting green spaces);

  • Water and Us — A Shared Environment (focusing on preserving and rehabilitating the city’s water bodies, making them more sanitary);

  • Preserving the Ecosystem (protecting and preserving the biological diversity of plant and animal life);

  • Clean Transport — a City Without Emissions;

  • The Environment in Every Home;

  • Energy Saving in the City.

Entries are to be submitted to the office of the Environmental Protection Committee or emailed to Center-invest Bank.

The winners will be announced on 5 June 2015, World Environment Day.