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Center-invest Bank Among Top 25 Mortgage Lenders in Russian Banking Sector

The portal ( has published a ranking of Russia’s mortgage lenders (banks) in 2014. Center-invest Bank ranks 4th for the number of mortgages issued in Russian regions (excl. Moscow and Moscow region), 20th for the total number of mortgages issued, and 23rd for its mortgage portfolio.

The high quality of Center-invest Bank’s loan portfolio is confirmed by the low percentage of non-performing loans: 0.76% (16th place in Russia). With a 33% increase in mortgage lending in 2014 (22nd in Russia), we have been steadily improving our position in the mortgage market.

In 2014 Center-invest Bank issued 5,179 mortgages to residents of southern Russia for a total of RUB5.92bn. This represented a 21% increase in the value of lending and a 37% increase in the number of loans.

In 2015 Center-invest Bank continues to offer the lowest mortgage rates in the region: from 12.25% per annum. In the first quarter of 2015 Center-invest Bank issued 756 new mortgages for a total of RUB1.22bn.

Center-invest Bank offers its customers both fixed and variable rate mortgages, with terms of up to twenty years. It also works with various government subsidy and welfare programmes. The mandatory insurance requirement has been withdrawn for all of Center-invest Bank’s loan programmes.