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Center-invest Bank Redeems Bonds

Center-invest Bank’s BO-02 series bonds have matured. The bank has redeemed and paid the coupon on these bonds, which had been trading since 2012.

The bondholders were paid RUB50.86 per bond, based on a coupon of 10.2%. The total paid out for the sixth coupon was RUB76.3m. The total par value of the redeemed bonds was RUB1.5bn.

The total par value of all Center-invest Bank bonds currently being traded is RUB8.7bn. All of the bank’s bond issues have been accepted for trading on the MICEX and included in the Russian Central Bank’s Lombard List.

Providing a comprehensive range of services for the local population and businesses in southern Russia, Center-invest Bank is a leading player in the region’s financial market. The funds raised from the bond placement will be used to expand SME and consumer lending in southern Russia, and to finance post-crisis development projects in various sectors of the regional economy.

Center-invest Bank’s reliability is confirmed by the high ratings assigned by Moody’s Investor’s Service, which has given the bank a B1 global credit rating for long-term foreign currency deposits. Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency has assigned the bank an national scale long-term credit rating.