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Transformation of Banking Technology

The chairman of the Executive Board of Center-invest Bank, Yuri Bogdanov, attended the international SAP Financial Services Forum held in London. Over 400 bankers from around the world gathered at the Forum to discuss the latest trends and future developments in banking technology.

At a round table on Digital Transformation in Lending, Mr Bogdanov presented the bank’s forward-thinking approach to transforming retail lending. “To improve the quality of our work and increase customer satisfaction, we now provide customers with access to a personal user area on the bank’s website,” he said. “As well as the standard online loan application function, customers can now add information to applications that have already been submitted, and request an update on the progress of their application. Customers can also choose to be informed of loan decisions by SMS. Moreover, we have loan discount deals for everyone who applies for a Center-invest Bank loan online”.

According to the SAP-Bain Digital Lending Survey 2015, conducted as part of the Forum, less than 28% of bank loan applications worldwide are submitted by remote banking. In contrast, over 60% of applications for a Center-invest Bank loan are submitted remotely, without the need to visit a branch.

Our participation in this Forum and other professional events gives Center-invest Bank access to international best practice in the use of new technologies in lending.