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Social Entrepreneurship Business Dialogue

Center-invest Bank recently hosted the Rostov region’s first Business Dialogue on Supporting and Promoting Social Entrepreneurship.

The event was held as part of the “Successful Business Territory” interregional project to support entrepreneurship and social projects. The project was launched in the Rostov region in 2015. Its main aim is to encourage the pooling of resources by southern Russia’s business community, government authorities, educational institutions, and nonprofit organisations in order to address economic and social tasks.

The project reflects current global trends in economic and social development, and it can be seen as a logical continuation of the issues that were explored at the Positive Economy Forum in Rostov-on-Don last month. The Forum’s key themes included social entrepreneurship and the social responsibility of business.

Center-invest Bank believes that if the region’s businesses develop expertise in social entrepreneurship it will allow significant progress to be made in tackling the most pressing challenges. It will also lay the foundations for the success of future generations.

The Business Dialogue was attended by social entrepreneurs, representatives of nonprofit organisations, and Economics students and graduates from the region’s universities.

The participants discussed the latest results of the Successful Business Territory project with experts on socioeconomic development, and they proposed that new ideas and specific mechanisms for social entrepreneurship in the region be developed and promoted.

Proposals reflecting these discussions will be produced, and strategic agreements will be signed on measures to develop the region’s positive economy.