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New Level of Protection for Center-invest Bank’s Online Business Banking System

Center-invest Bank takes the information security of its online banking customers very seriously. Our online business banking system, Bank Client, now supports the SafeTouch and eToken GOST devices. The bank worked together with the companies BSTs Msk, Safe Tech and Aladdin R.D on this project.

The SafeTouch device is a type of “trust screen”. It displays the key data from payment instructions and guarantees that electronic documents are not signed until the user presses the “confirm” button on the device.

The eToken GOST is a smart card with Russian cryptography onboard, which provides

electronic signature and encryption functionality. It has been certified by the Russian Federal Security Service.

The SafeTouch device connects to the customer’s computer with a USB cable and the eToken GOST smart card connects directly to the SafeTouch device.

When a user of the Bank Client system requests an electronic signature for a payment

instruction the SafeTouch device displays the key data from the payment instruction and waits for the user to confirm or decline signature of the document by pressing one of its two buttons. When the “confirm” button is pressed the payment instruction is transferred and signed directly by the eToken GOST smart card.

The main feature of the eToken GOST is that it is a complete, autonomous encryption smart card. It not only contains the key for a digital signature, but it actually creates the electronic signature itself. The key is non-extractable and cannot be transferred to the customer’s computer. This prevents theft of private keys.

This new solution from Center-invest Bank effectively protects the user from attempts by criminals to change the account details on a legal payment instruction by installing Trojan programs, viruses and other harmful code on the user’s computer. It reliably protects our online business banking customers from modern-day threats.