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Center-invest Bank Supports Young Scientists and Academics from BRICS Countries

Center-invest Bank was a co-organiser and financial partner for an international conference of young scientists and academics from BRICS countries held on 24-26 September 2015 at Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don.

The event, entitled “BRICS Cooperation for Sustainable Development”, was timed to coincide with Southern Federal University’s 100th anniversary. The conference objectives were: to invigorate cooperation among young scientists and researchers from the BRICS countries; to strengthen scientific and academic ties at the international and cross-institutional level; and to discuss the most important vectors in increased intercultural dialogue and scientific and economic development in the BRICS countries, and their role in the modern global development paradigm.

The conference was attended by young scientists and academics from leading Russian universities, including southern Russian universities, representatives of BRICS scientific and academic communities, and young entrepreneurs.

For many years now we have seen that southern Russia plays the same role in the Russian economy as the BRICS countries do in the global economy,” says Dr Vasily Vysokov, chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank. “Our main task is to establish dialogue between the small business sectors in the BRICS. First and foremost, we need to encourage dialogue between young people and scientists and academics. By sharing experience of addressing typical challenges in BRICS countries, we create a good basis for business development through the localisation of best practice. Any comparative analysis engenders new ideas. But rather than focussing on known methods and approaches, we should be looking for and creating something new, and the conference helps us to do this.”

The delegates discussed regional and intercountry cooperation, collaboration between SMEs and regional commercial banks in BRICS countries, biotechnology, agriculture, energy efficiency, and modern technology. Indeed, information technology is the most important vector of development for the BRICS.