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Center-invest Bank Helps Rostov Region Exporters Enter New Markets

Center-invest Bank experts participated in a seminar on “Opportunities for Russian Exports” organised by the Rostov Region Ministry for Economic Development and the Export Insurance Agency of Russia (EXIAR). The event was attended by representatives of export promotion agencies and SMEs, as well as credit institutions that are financing Rostov Region exporters.

As the leader for SME finance in southern Russia, Center-invest Bank has many years of experience in helping its customers to grow their businesses. For our customers that are already exporting, or that wish to do so, we provide unique financial programmes and advice on exporting and entering new global markets. Center-invest Bank has worked with the agencies HERMES, COFAS and SACHE for many years, and in June 2015 we signed an agreement with EXIAR. EXIAR insures banks against the risks of non-repayment of loans by SME borrowers. This allows Center-invest Bank to further expand its international trade products and services on competitive terms.

“By working with EXIAR in the current market and geopolitical conditions Center-invest Bank can combine its own financial resources, its foreign partners’ resources, and government support, to develop its customers’ international trade by means of trade finance,” says Lidia Simonova, deputy head of Center-invest Bank’s Treasury.

Center-invest Bank provides its customers with trade finance through Trade Facilitation Programmes. This allows us to offer lower cost finance compared to traditional products, and also avoids the risks associated with financing international trade.