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Center-invest Bank is Russia’s Best Regional Bank and Banking Market Leader

To mark the “Day of the Bank Worker” professional holiday, the banking comparison site produced a ranking of the best Russian banks based on data for the 12 months starting from Q4 20141. The indicators for this period demonstrate “the capacity of financial institutions to operate in a challenging financial and economic environment and their ability to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing situation”.

This is one of the objectives of the transformational banking model2, which underpins Center-invest Bank’s business. The transformational banking model is based on introducing creative and responsible solutions to today’s challenges in the interests of future generations.

In contrast to speculative banking, which results in a “high risks — high rates” spiral, Center-invest Bank helps its customers to genuinely reduce their risks at a time of crisis. By refraining from increasing its loan interest rates, Center-invest Bank enabled its customers to complete existing projects successfully and to strengthen their positions in changing markets.

The new ranking recognises Center-invest Bank as the best regional bank, one of the Top 3 retail banks in Russia, and 7th among Russia’s banking market leaders.

The rating was based on key indicators: loans issued, deposits attracted, and income from core products. International ratings were also taken into account. The ranking was compiled from the perspective of customers’ interests (individuals or companies) and does not look at speculative growth.