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Center-invest Bank Increases Lending

In January-February 2016 Center-invest Bank made 6422 new loans to business and retail customers in southern Russia, for a total of RUB15.2bn. Lending increased 2.3 times compared to the same period of last year.

The stable growth in lending by Center-invest Bank can be attributed to record low interest rates and the bank’s long-term sustainable development strategy, comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, and advice for customers.

In January-February 2016:

  • Our retail customers received 4881 loans for a total of RUB2.3bn.
  • We lent RUB12.9bn to SMEs in the region.
  • Retail deposits increased by RUB1.9bn, reaching RUB52.5bn at 01.03.2016.
  • 1259 companies opened current accounts with Center-invest Bank.

Center-invest Bank continues to provide finance on preferential terms under its Start-Up, Youth Business Russia, and Business Loans for Women programmes. New entrepreneurs have already received 436 loans totalling RUB552m, while businesswomen have obtained 261 loans for a total of RUB331m.

Our personal approach to selecting suitable loan products is what sets us apart,” says Sergei Smirnov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board. “It is arguably only at Center-invest Bank that you will find the lowest loan interest rates, the best customer service, and such a commitment to helping customers.”