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Center-invest Bank Stimulates Economic Growth

From 1 November to 31 December 2016, Center-invest Bank is offering its customers a record-low rate of 13.75% per annum for loans with a five-year term. The loans can be for any purpose and amount.

Center-invest Bank consistently ranks as one of the top performing banks in terms of demand for banking services and volume of lending. In January-October 2016, Center-invest Bank made 34,760 loans to households, for a total of RUB18.2bn.

The bank can afford to reduce the loan interest rate as it currently has sufficient funds to provide households and small businesses with loans for any amount and any term,” says Sergei Smirnov, deputy chairman of Center-invest Bank’s Executive Board. “Our high-quality loan portfolio and low level of NPLs allows us to offer our customers the best loan terms and to assess loan applications on an individual basis.”

In addition, on 1 November 2016 Center-invest Bank automatically reduced the interest rate on existing consumer loans for 2005 customers, all of whom have been repaying their loans conscientiously for the last three years, never missing a payment. The new rate for these loan agreements is fixed at 13.5% per annum.

Center-invest Bank is an example of a socially responsible business. Its credit policy is aimed at developing long-term customer relationships, rather than speculative profits. Center-invest Bank has never raised loan interest rates unilaterally, and it always offers its customers the most advantageous terms for consumer loans, car loans and mortgages.