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Center-invest Bank Presents IT Innovations at SAP Summit and Receives Award

Center-invest Bank participated in the Summit on the Localisation of SAP Solutions, held in Moscow. The Summit marked the 15th anniversary of the launch of the first Russian version of SAP. The event brought together managers and specialists from finance, logistics and personnel departments, as well as IT specialists, to discuss best international practice in SAP localisation.

Maxim Totsky, head of Center-invest Bank’s project office, gave a paper on «Introducing SAP Banking Services — Center-invest Bank’s experience of the Customer Validation project». He spoke about the bank’s experience in information technology innovation, and its effective strategies for developing its product line.

For example, Center-invest Bank’s success in using best practice to develop its deposit products and improve the functionality of its information systems is evident from the growth in deposits: in 2015, deposits increased by more than 30%, and to date in 2016, by more than 20%.

Mr Totsky’s paper met with considerable interest. The audience were particularly keen to discuss the bank’s experience of using design thinking to create new, forward-thinking solutions for its customers.

Center-invest Bank’s experience and success in using the latest international practices and innovations has been recognised by the professional community. Center-invest Bank received an award from the Summit organisers for its contribution to developing financial software in Russia.