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Center-invest Bank Beats Record Low Interest Rates

Center-invest Bank has introduced a new product offering the same 10% interest rate as its government-subsidised mortgage programme.

The bank’s new loan product, "10% Mortgage", is for retail customers wishing to borrow up to RUB3m to purchase real estate (including a car parking space). It has a term of up to 20 years and the minimum deposit is 10%. This mortgage deal is available in all Center-invest Bank branches.

The "12% per annum mortgage" is for customers wishing to borrow from RUB3m to RUB6m to purchase property on the new-build or resale market. The minimum deposit for this loan is 10%.

There are no hidden fees, excess charges or mandatory insurance requirements for any of Center-invest Bank’s retail loan products.

In 2016 Center-invest Bank agreed 5435 retail mortgage loans. The government-subsidised mortgage programme accounted for just 15% of these. The majority of customers chose one of the bank’s own mortgage programmes, which offer more flexible terms.