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Center-invest bank attracted Swiss investments to the South of Russia

A loan agreement between Symbiotics S.A. and Center-invest Bank was signed. The three year loan facility totalling RUB600million will primarily be used to finance micro, small and medium size enterprises in the south of Russia.

"We are proud to have built a relationship with Symbiotics — investment company specialized in emerging, sustainable and inclusive finance. This is only the first transaction we have accomplished, but for us it’s becoming a testament to the truly efficient working relationship our respective companies have formed. This facility will help Center-invest Bank to further strengthen in the segment of sustainable finance: SME, Energy Efficiency, gender and agriculture lending foster the general development of South of Russia’s economy", commented Lidia Simonova, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of the Center-invest Bank.

Daniel Schriber, Director of Investments at Symbiotics noted: "We are glad to establish a new partnership with such a reputable regional player with a clear focus on the development of the real economy and operating based on the ESG principles. We look forward to contributing to the growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises in Southern Russia".

About Us

Founded in 1992, Center-invest Bank (CIB) is a leading local private bank based in the city of Rostov-on-Don in Southern Russia. CIB’s business is concentrated in the region of Rostov-on-Don and neighboring southern regions of Russia focusing on agriculture, manufacturing, transportation sectors. The Bank is ranked among Top15 Russian banks on SME lending. CIB is majority owned by Russian private shareholders and by EBRD, DEG, and Erste Group (Austria). The Bank has total assets of RUB112.1 billion (as at 1 January 2019) and has a market share of 82% in lending and 85% in retail deposits in Rostov region among local banks. CIB is rated Ba3 long-term by Moody’s, with a stable outlook.

Symbiotics, incorporated in 2004 in Geneva, is an investment company specialized in emerging, sustainable and inclusive finance which offers market research, investment advisory and asset management services. It is an asset manager of collective investment schemes regulated by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and has an advisory license from the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority, through its subsidiary in the UK. The company, headquartered in Geneva, with offices in London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Cape Town, Mexico City and Singapore, has a staff of over 130 professionals. Since inception, Symbiotics has invested over USD 4 billion in more than 375 microfinance institutions in 68 emerging countries, working with 44 investment funds and many institutional investors.