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Center-invest Bank is Among Russia’s Top 3 Banks for Small Business

In the Expert rating agency’s annual ranking of the banks in Russia that work with SMEs, Center-invest Bank is one of the leaders.

Center-invest Bank has moved up the ranking in all categories: we are in 3rd place for size of sole traders loan portfolio, 7th for volume of lending to medium-sized enterprises, 11th for volume of SME lending, and 13th for size of medium-sized enterprises loan portfolio.

At 1 January 2019, Center-invest Bank’s SME loan portfolio stood at RUB30.9bn. The portfolio grew by 10.7% in 2018.

In 2018 Center-invest Bank made 5641 loans to SMEs, for a total of RUB94bn. One third of the bank’s total loan portfolio comprises loans to SMEs in southern Russia.

Center-invest Bank participates in the "6.5″ preferential loan programme run by the federal SME Corporation, with the aim of increasing access to finance for SMEs. Under this programme, we provide loans for customers wishing to modernise production, upgrade fixed assets, and also launch new products and operations. Entrepreneurs can also take out working capital loans.

In addition to offering unique loan products for SMEs, as part of its ESG-digitalisation strategy, Center-invest Bank has a business accelerator ( Over 2000 start-ups, social business projects and female entrepreneurs have already graduated from the accelerator and are growing their businesses together with Center-invest Bank.