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Center-invest Bank Publishes ESG Report Applying GRI Standards

Center-invest Bank has published an Environmental, Social and Governance Report for 2018.

This report is presented for the 2018 calendar year as part of Center-invest Bank’s integrated reporting. It includes both general information and IFRS indicators, reflecting the bank’s strategy, goals, governance approaches, and interactions with stakeholders, and also the results of its activities in terms of social responsibility and sustainable development, including economic, social and environmental aspects.

The GRI Standards and the recommendations of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on non-financial reporting were taken into account in the compilation of this report, to the extent to which the information is of interest to the bank’s current and potential shareholders, partners, customers and employees.

In accordance with the principles of openness and transparency, this report contains information about Center-invest Bank’s strategy and mission; its corporate social responsibility and sustainable development principles; the key events and results of its work; the economic, social, and environmental impacts of its activities; and its interactions with stakeholders.

Center-invest Bank has published an integrated annual report every year since 2012. The report for 2018 is available online: