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Center-invest Bank’s Main Branch in Volgodonsk Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Center-invest Bank opened its first Volgodonsk branch in December 2000. Today, it is one of the bank’s largest and fastest growing branches in the Rostov region. With market-leading positions in Volgodonsk, the main branch manages eight smaller branches, which together make up 22% of the territory of the Rostov region.

Volgodonsk is one of the top performers for pace of economic development in a region that has a strong industrial sector, with energy, engineering, chemical and wood processing industries. The customers of the Volgodonsk main branch include two “systemically important” companies: Tsimlyansk Marine Engineering Plant and Volgodonsk Wood Panels Factory. We provide these companies and their affiliates with comprehensive banking services: payments and cash management, international trade support and consultancy on currency control, salary programmes, loans and leasing for business development, and preferential terms on consumer loans for employees.

“By early 2000, Volgodonsk needed a large, reliable bank,” explains Denis Titorenko, manager of the Volgodonsk branch. “Having assessed the city’s potential, Center-invest Bank’s Executive Board decided to open one of the bank’s first branches here. In the twenty years since, we have grown tenfold! And we are continuing to develop rapidly for the benefit of the Rostov region.”

The residents of the city of Volgodonsk and surrounding area appreciate Center-invest Bank’s low interest loans, its participation in government-subsidised mortgage programmes, and that insurance is not mandatory under loan agreements. For Volgodonsk businesses, the bank offers finance on very advantageous terms, thanks to its own loan programmes for large companies and its participation in all of the government-subsidised programmes for SMEs. As at 1 December 2020, the Volgodonsk main branch’s loan portfolio totalled RUB4bn.

In the last three years, with support from Center-invest Bank, hubs for entrepreneurs have been opened in Volgodonsk: the Financial Literacy Centre based at Lycée No. 24, the first regional Multifunctional Youth Centre, the New Entrepreneurs School, attached to the Volgodonsk Public Chamber, and the “Point” youth venue, which includes an anti-café and co-working space. These projects aim to teach young people how to manage their money skilfully, confidently, and responsibly, and to raise a new generation of financially literate entrepreneurs in Volgodonsk.

The branch’s 43 members of staff are highly competent, experienced, and loyal to the bank. Nine of them have worked for Center-invest Bank for over 15 years and have been awarded gold service badges, and fourteen of them have over ten years’ service. The team regularly participates in local sporting, environmental and public events.