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Center-invest Bank Ranks 15th for SME Lending

According to the ranking produced by the Expert RA ratings agency, Center-invest Bank ranks 15th for SME lending in Russia in 2020.

In 2020 Center-invest Bank lent businesses a total of RUB77bn. Sole traders and SMEs accounted for 92% of the bank’s business loans.

In the last year, the bank and its customers have undergone accelerated digitalisation and business transformation. Center-invest Bank has supported businesses in southern Russia through government loan schemes and its own loan products.

By making effective use of government loan programmes to support business recovery and help employers to pay salaries, Center-invest Bank has enabled 280 hard-hit businesses to keep trading and preserve over 5,000 jobs.

To help businesses adapt to the new economy, the bank launched a new “Business Transformation” loan programme, thanks to which over 400 customers have developed and launched online offerings, created remote services, digitalised and modernised business processes, and entered new markets. Under this programme, customers have also benefited from preferential financing, attractive terms for payments and cash management, acquiring and a free online cashier.

In 2020, the bank had leading positions in the regions in which it operates. We establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and offer the best loan terms.