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Center-invest Bank's leadership in support of agribusiness in the Rostov region

As a result of the implementation of the state program to support agricultural complex in the Rostov Region, Center-invest Bank accounts for 42% of loan agreements with agricultural enterprises in the region.

The program is implemented within the framework of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1528 and, thanks to the assistance of regional banks, has opened access to preferential financing for small agribusinesses. According to the terms of the program, authorized banks must provide at least 20% of loans to support small agribusinesses.

Center-invest Bank is ahead of all other banks operating in the Rostov region in terms of the number of contracts with personal subsidiary plots, peasant farms and individual entrepreneurs engaged in agricultural production.

In the total amount of preferential lending agreements, the share of Center-invest Bank is 19% for all agricultural enterprises in the Rostov Region, for small agribusiness - 49%, for peasant farms - 55%.

The share of agriculture in the corporate loan portfolio of Center-invest Bank is 46%. In 2020, the Bank issued 2,132 loans to agribusiness enterprises in the amount of RUB12.9bn, including 913 loans on preferential terms in the amount of RUB7.2bn. Lending to agriculture is considered highly risky, but Rating Agencies note that Center-invest Bank effectively manages the risks of lending to the agro-industrial complex.

The Rostov region produces almost 5% of the country's agricultural products. In the agricultural complex of the region, there are 1.2 thousand enterprises, more than 7.6 thousand peasant farms and individual entrepreneurs, 546 thousand personal subsidiary plots of citizens. At the end of 2020, the Rostov region took leading positions in Russia in the production of: grain and legumes - 1st place, sunflower - 2nd place, eggs - 3rd place, milk and vegetables - 5th place, meat - 21st place. Export of products of the agro-industrial complex to the external market is more than 18 million tons per year.