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Mortgage volumes by 1.5 times

For 6 months of 2021, Center-invest Bank made 3,813 mortgage loans totalling RUB8.2bn. 40% of customer’s transactions account for the purchase of real estate in the primary market. The bank's mortgage portfolio as of 01.07.2021 amounted to RUB44.6bn.

In the 2Q2021, Center-invest Bank issued 2,216 mortgage loans totalling RUB4.8bn, the volume of lending has increased by 44% compared to the 1Q2021. The average amount of a mortgage loan in Center-invest Bank is RUB2.2m.

The bank’s mortgage refinancing programmes remain popular: 20% of the mortgages issued by Center-invest Bank in the1H2021 were to refinance loans from other banks.