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08.10.2015 The Strategic Future of the Rostov Region

On 25 September Center-invest Bank hosted a joint meeting of the Rostov Region Public Chamber’s Commission for Economic Development, Enterprise and Innovation and the Board of the Rostov Region Employers’ Union. The main item on the agenda was: Developing a Partnership Between Business and the Authorities in Establishing and Implementing a Strategy for the Socio-Economic Development of the Rostov Region for the Period to 2030.

07.10.2015 Moody’s affirms reliability and stability of Center-invest Bank

On 24 September 2015 Moody′s affirmed Center-invest Bank’s B1 deposit and senior debt ratings, outlook stable. Center-invest Bank is the only bank in southern Russia to have had an international rating since 2006.

02.10.2015 Investment in the New Banking

On 23 September 2015 the Bank of Russia registered its report on the additional issue of ordinary shares in Center-invest Bank, placed through a closed subscription. The bank’s founders, Dr Vasily Vysokov and Mrs Tatiana Vysokova, participated in the subscription. As a result of the new share issue, Center-invest Bank has capital of RUB10.8bn.

30.09.2015 Center-invest Bank Supports Young Scientists and Academics from BRICS Countries

Center-invest Bank was a co-organiser and financial partner for an international conference of young scientists and academics from BRICS countries held on 24-26 September 2015 at Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don.

29.09.2015 Center-invest Bank Visits French National Assembly

Experts from Center-invest Bank met with French deputy Nicolas Dhuicq at the French National Assembly. Mr Dhuicq attended Russia’s first Positive Economy Forum earlier this year.

25.09.2015 Center-invest Bank is Building the New Global World

Last week experts from Center-invest Bank attended two major international events, where they spoke about the bank’s experience of addressing global economic challenges at the local level.

21.09.2015 Center-invest Bank Increases Mortgage Lending

In the period January to August 2015 Center-invest Bank issued 1,577 mortgages to residents of southern Russia for a total of RUB2.62bn. Mortgage lending accounts for a growing proportion of the bank’s retail loan portfolio — currently 37%.

15.09.2015 Center-invest Bank Shares its Experience with Lebanese Bankers

Center-invest Bank recently participated in a study tour organised by International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group) for managers from the Fransabank Group (Lebanon). Their objective was to learn about experience of financing small business and energy efficiency projects in various sectors of the economy.

15.09.2015 New Level of Protection for Center-invest Bank’s Online Business Banking System

Center-invest Bank takes the information security of its online banking customers very seriously. Our online business banking system, Bank Client, now supports the SafeTouch and eToken GOST devices. The bank worked together with the companies BSTs Msk, Safe Tech and Aladdin R.D on this project.

11.09.2015 Center-invest Bank Presents Transformational Banking at International Forum in Sochi

The XIII International Banking Forum “Russian Banks: 21st Century” took place in Sochi in the first week of September. Center-invest Bank was an official sponsor of the event and an invited speaker at Forum round tables and discussion panels.