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22.05.2003 Center-invest Bank had a meeting with deputies
On 21 May, "Center-invest directors club" held meeting between club members and group of Rostov region Lawmaking Assembly deputies. There were discussed proposals for development of don region's legislation till the year of 2008.

21.05.2003 Center-invest Bank increases its funds due to international standard operations
Center-invest bank gets positive international standard audit report 7th year in a row. Center-invest Bank was traditionally examined by audit company PriceWaterhouseCoopers. As the international specialists' s estimation the bank funds (RUB678, 3mln) exceeded comparable index in Russia by RUB50mln.

20.05.2003 Meeting of Center-invest bank shareholders
On 20 May, 2003 there was held annual meeting of Center-invest Bank shareholders. There was made a decision of dividend payment 2002: for common equities 5% to value, for cumulative preference share 20% to value. The total sum amounts to 32 323 875 rubles. In anniversary 2002 Center-invest Bank confirmed its reputation as one of the most successful and rapid-growing regional banks.

20.05.2003 Center-invest Bank considered cooperation prospects with Japanese businessmen
On 22 May, 2003 "Center-invest directors club" held meeting with group of Japanese businessmen who have visited Rostov region.

12.05.2003 "Center-invest" develops contacts with IFC
On 20 June, 2003 in Moscow there was held meeting between Peter Voyke the Vice President of the World bank's investment division of International Financial Corporation (IFC) and representatives of Russian regional banks. The Rostov Region on business breakfast was represented by Chairman of Directors board of Center-invest bank, Professor V. V. Vysokov.

12.05.2003 WWII veterans-depositors of Center-invest Bank celebrated Day of Victory
In threshold of 9 of May Center-invest Bank traditionally congratulated its depositors who are veterans of World War The Second with The Day of Victory.

11.04.2003 6th Russian economical forum in London - the way to private investors
Annually in early of April London holds Russian economical forum. The second year in a succession Chairman of Directors board of Center-Invest bank, Professor V. V. Vysokov takes part in it. His report on "Investing for SMEs in Rostov region" was devoted to Center-invest Bank optional experience on SMEs.

15.11.2002 Mobile phones for holders of students' plastic cards
Bank Center-invest announced a drawing of mobile phones among students of higher education institutions, holders of plastic cards of the bank.

06.11.2002 The EBRD is confident in the clients of Bank Center-invest
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) warrants the guarantees given by Bank Center-invest for foreign trade transactions of its clients on total sum USD 5 million.

05.11.2002 'Bank Center-invest: 10 Years in the Center of the Don Reforms'
This title was given to an exhibition timed to the jubilee of Bank Center-invest and opened in foyer of the Don Public Library on November 5, 2002.