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26.01.2001 The Ministry of Economics, the Center-Invest Bank, and the Small Business Support Fund have joined efforts.
On 26 January 2001 the Agreement on Crediting of Investment Projects for Small and Medium Businesses in the Rostov Province was signed by the Ministry of Economics, International and Foreign Trade Relations of the Rostov Province, the Center-Invest Bank, and the Rostov Regional State Fund for Support of Small Businesses.

23.01.2001 EUROMONEY Invited Center-Invest to Vienna
The Euromoney Magazine sponsored the Forum of Central and East European Issuers and Investors held on 16-17 January in Vienna. That was the first European meeting at such a high level after Christmas. The Forum was attended by a record number of participants - more than 800. The only representative of the Russian South was Prof.V.V.Vysokov, Vice President of the Center-Invest Bank, who was invited as the author of the article published in the October issue of the Euromoney Magazine under the title of 'The Center-Invest: a Russian Bank Working to International Standards'.

16.11.2000 Planning is a core of management
This main principle of planned economy became the leitmotif of "Biz plan 2001" seminar passed November 15. Organizers of the seminar: "Center-invest" bank and "Rostovenergo" corporation have returned modern sense to this slogan.

05.10.2000 "Center-invest" Bank
In the October "EUROMONEY" issue (160 000 drawing, is sent to leading European financial institutes) was published article of "Center-invest" vice-president professor Visokov "Banking in Russia using IAS").

04.10.2000 Center-invest: banking in Russia using International Accounting Standards
The western media is sometimes preoccupied with Russia's black economy.Today, while there is a substantial degree of black economic activity, there is a far greater proportion of fully regulated and legal economic activity that fulfils all Russian regulatory standards as well as compliance with the tax code. An increasingly large number of companies are operating at international levels of transparency and financial accounting.

"Centre-invest" has raised greatly working factors at a second half of 2000.Resources of the bank in July firstly exceed 1 milliard roubles (about 36 mln $US).Increasing of resources is reached, first of all, thanks to the credit portfolio, that reached 360 million roubles.

22.06.2000 Investment climate and weather in Rostov Region
Investment climate and weather in Rostov Region Vasiliy Visokov, Vice-President "Centre-invest" reported: "Investment climate means a general direction of legislation improvement in interests of investors..."

09.06.2000 ANNUAL shareholders meeting
Annual shareholders meeting "Center-invest" has taken place at 9 June. The main result 1999 is: not only the bank but all main clients forced there positions on the market.

27.05.2000 Bank's technologies for small business

17.05.2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers will start audit «Centre-invest»
The worldwide known PricewaterhouseCoopers will start audit "Centre-invest" annual 1999 balance in July. Bank is interested in international cooperation and needs in recognition of stability, ability to work on equal standards with foreign colleagues. Presence of such bank promotes positions in foreign markets as for clients participating in international economic activity so for all region.