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USD 1 Billion of Don Investments

This practical-scientific manual explores questions of investment activities and investment policy. The author proposes original approaches to analysis of investment activities and structurization of regional investment policy targets. This manual presents methodic developments for composing investment projects and increasing efficiency in management of marketing, industry, finances, and staff. This manual is useful for managers of enterprises, specialists, students and post-graduates.

As it is seen in the head of an article - the main target of Don economics is to attract USD 1 billion of investments. The author considers that the first step in that direction is development of skillfully made investment projects that appreciate with the time gap of costs and results, high initial investments, risks, marketing and strategy of enterprise development, alternatives of finance and organizational solutions. There is a definition of investment project - it is a product which needs a special marketing strategy of its promotion on investment market.

The author lays stress on bureaucracy problems and proposes ways of solution. "Legislative power must set bureaucratic procedures which would make executive branch of power to master technologies of investment attraction, to get rid of barriers on investors' way, draw specialists from different branches of Don economics to generate new technical solutions." Creation of Investment Business Committee in Legislative Assembly of Rostov Region would be the optimal solution for such a problem.

We can see there author's review of Rostov region economic branches with proposals for its development and short guides for investment strategies.

The Author determines social defense of investments as a complex of social defense measures during stream of investment policy. There is regional law about "Continuous education" need to be accepted. It should contain demands to employers and state & independent educational institutions that guarantees duly and quality education, raising of level of qualification and retraining staff of all management links.

The experience of reforms monitoring in Rostov region shows us that success can be reached not as a result of radical actions but by coordinated measures for reforming.