Energy Efficiency Finance

In 2005 Center-invest Bank became the first bank in Russia to finance energy efficiency projects. Today, we have the largest energy efficiency loan portfolio of all Russian banks.

Center-invest Bank finances projects to introduce energy efficient technologies in industry, agriculture, the service sector, the public sector, the housing and communal services sector, and the private residential sector. We provide long-term loans on attractive terms, enabling our customers to reduce their energy consumption by 40-70% on average.

To date, Center-invest Bank has provided in excess of RUB9.9bn in energy efficiency finance.

In addition to finance, we provide our customers with expert assistance in calculating the energy efficiency parameters of their projects.

To manage the risks and overcome the challenges involved in energy efficiency lending, Center-invest Bank applies an integrated approach based on technical, financial and social engineering.

The secret of our success in energy efficiency finance lies in our cooperation with international financial institutions, which provide not only long-term financial resources, but also access to best international practice. Our own work in this area has been so successful that it is now seen as an example of best international practice itself.